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The challenge

#1 batteries supplier with a need for modern design and optimal user experience. We began this journey with the idea of creating a unique, convenient and easy way to find and order the right battery for a particular device. 

The solution

By the means of unique design and perfect UX, we created a new generation e-commerce platform fully compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

  • The search engine allows for incredibly easy and fast access to the right product
  • The reorganized database and fully custom administration panel help for a significantly faster product editing and order processing
  • Full integration with couriers delivery systems allows the business leads to significant time and cost optimizations
  • The SEO optimized e-shop allows for strong ranking, even more visits and sales.

The Results

BATTERYLAND BATTERYLAND has become the number 1 destination in sales of batteries and chargers for mobile and other electrical devices. With newly introduced opportunities for foreign language, currency conversion and integration with Western freight forwarders, BATTERYLAND now offers an innovative ecommerce experience to foreign users also.

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