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Rock Shock

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The challenge

For 30 years MCI has been part of the music scene in Bulgaria and reaches out to both professionals and amateurs.

Now MCI needs a new face and a revamped Rock Shock platform - the place to buy online with great variety and superb availability and with the MCI guarantee. As an official dealer, the company provides authorized service and a two-year warranty to each of its customers - as they say - "sounds great!"

The solution

We created this next generation e-commerce platform that allows existing and new customers to take advantage of functional modules such as:

  • Simplified checkout that allows stick in 2 clicks
  • Intuitive search engine that helps users find the right product
  • Bright design for a strong user experience
  • Selection of thousands of items with multiple attributes and features
  • Full integration with shippers allows businesses to reduce the time and cost of order clearance
  • Blog articles and news from the music world

In a nutshell: the best for every musician!

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